Kurdish Government System

Although they are separate from nations and nations, they too have autonomous government. They have autonomous government in Iraq and Iran. This is why they have a little bit different in the government system.

Parliamentary Government is the type of the government that they have. The ruler of the region in Iraq is a Prime Minister. Mr Masoud Barzani is the current Prime Minister. The Prime Minister helps his people to solve issues and he is the representative and of the region in any meeting. He has acts as the executive power and he rules the region with the legislative and judiciary members. In any case, his words and power should be heard. In case of solving problems, he must be there to solve issues.

Regards in choosing the Prime Minister, suffrage has to be done. When a PM wins, he will seat for 4 years. If he wishes to continue more, he can aspire for the next election because according to their constitution, they may have two term. They are not supposed to run again after finishing their two terms. It is not allowed that they will cheat elections but still such things happen.

There are also cabinets as part of the government. They stay in the House of the Representatives.

The people are the reason why the house of the Representative exists. The most important is the people. In the parliamentary system, there is not enough freedom.

The government must solve problems in everything. All issues in the region are subject to it and they are responsible in the making of the programs to solve it.