The long term fight for independence of Kurdistan from 4 nations

If we will dig in history about the wars and independence, we can see many books that record about it. The newspapers have been a witness also to the victories and desperate cries of activists so that their country can be able to have independence. There have been much atrocities, sorrow, sorrow, despair, sacrifices and […]

Looking at the update on refugees activities in Canada 2016

We appreciate much people who are accepting refugees into their homeland. While many are being forced out of their own homes and they have no choice but to seek refugee assistance so other countries are opening their doors. It is not easy to be a refugee but it is the only last resort to many […]

The update on 4 major conflicts on the Middle East 2015

There has been much war on this world. In the part of Middle East, alone there has been an ongoing war for almost all of the years that people have learned how to fight and increse property or wealth by conquering other nations to be able to get an instant prize of land and all that […]

How Can Terrorism be Solved: Conflict

There is another thing that we have to understand about terrorism. Terrorism is the threat that arrives in most countries. It was found out that most terrorist come from the Middle East. According to statistics, Middle East is the most dangerous place due to bombing threat done by terrorist. Most of these countries are Pakistan, […]

The 10 facts about racial discrimination in the workplace in the US

This article also talks about the country of the United States. This country is very progressive and has many achievements around the world. They are very known and have been achieving success in different themes. They are considered a great nation and one that has a power that can affect the world. It is considered […]

The 10 types of discrimination people experience around the world

If you have experience about discrimination then you know what is the effect to a person from any gender and at any age. There are many things that can be talked about discrimination. It can vary from one country to country and it can be normal to one group of people to practice. They are […]

Famous Religion found in Kurdistan

Religion is one of the most largest organization in the world. It became a very important part in people’s lives. Throughout the world, you can hear a lot of different religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and more. Among the religions in the world, you might have heard about Islam. There are countries who’s […]