Government Issues of Kurdish

There are many things to consider when talking about the issues that have to be solved in the Kurdistan. Every country has a problem and there are many things to tell when it comes to a government problem. Government issues come from different areas. For example, people have issues on land, terrorism, subways and religion.

There are many terrorism happening in the region. People there are armed and they do whatever they want to do to the passers-by. However, to this time this issue is not yet solved by the government. It seems like the government is weak in terms of this issue.

Political Concerns is one of the most terrible problem in Kurdish. Politicians can kill each other due to the position that they desire.

Passengers are not organized in the public transportation because they come to bump with each other and other and sometimes chaos happens, so they some can be wounded. The government shall make a program about how people can be trained in terms of peace and safety. There shall be a Peace and Safety programs that will be conducted by the authorities.

Territorial issues are not solved because they cannot pass a bill about the territory. They make war against regions claiming their land. But there must be government programs that can address the territorial dispute. There shall be series of solution such as modifying the constitution of the nation.

In regards to the ruling of the nation, there shall be at least a program to control the wicked of the country. For example, military rule can be a solution to decrease the wicked of the country. Netizens will be trembling in fear when terrorists always threaten them.