Kurdish Politics

Politics in Kurdish are the source of power of Kurdish government. In any state, there is always politics.

They can always be in the situation where their politics may fail. Politics is the discussion over the government issues and anything about ruling and solving issues in the country. There is something is unchangeable in politics: every politician wants to gain position. Politics is good when used in good purpose. However, politics in Kurdish government is a little bit scary because it does only involves religion but also the people.

People are not really very scary in terms of their purpose in living in the country. It seems like everybody wants to gain power so by any means they want to show off to other netizens.

Because of these, government issues are not solved easily. There are many nations that can solve terrorism by themselves but this state cannot do anything.

When politics are applied, there must be a sacrifice. A sacrifice of blood becauseĀ  there are people who die in place while joining politics. There is no reason for a man to live if he is caught by the rivals. Politics include the economy of the Kurdish state but there is also scarcity because there is a corruption that happens. This is why there is also crisis that happens in the nation. It is not too musch to say that the region is full of chaos. However, the government itself has no way to improve their political system. This is why they continue on encountering problems in their nation.